University: Oslo and Akershus University Collage of Applied Sience

Duration: 8 weeks, fall 2015

Team: Shahad Hassan, Selvi Olgac & Robin Vinje

Learning outcome: To design a product that will facilitate the users everyday challenges. The main focus was on the relationship between the user and the function of the product.

A plate made of porcelain covered with silicion at the back to provide a protection against heat for the user. The ribbed back of the plate contributes to a better grip. In addition the back has two inward outcuts to fur ther facilitate the balance of the plate for the user. Especially useful for waiters/waitresses as well as persons with limited grip ability.





Problem identification


1. Heat

Warm plates with warm food cause a lot of burns.


3. Stress

Carrying just a few plates each time demands more work to be able to work effectively.


2. Balance

The plates are hard to control, both weight and stability.


4. Grip

Carrying multiple plates simultaneously is complicated.


User testing

As we created different prototypes we wanted to test them together with our users. To be able to play with the shape of the plate we did our prototypes in foam.