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Today we use a weight scale to read our weight in numbers. But how much information does those numbers give us and how do we know if they are positive or not? To make sense of all those numbers, we need to know how to translate them into more detailed information. During this short workshop we wanted to explore what would happen if you could feel your weight and how to relate this information to your health situation. And what if you could be strong for just a moment, and use that moment as your motivation?



The idea of this concept is to offer the possibility for an individual to enter a zone where you can experience how your body would feel if you were healthy and in good shape. As soon as you step out of the zone you will return to your original situation, but now with the possibility to feel how it would be in a more healthy stage. For each time you enter the weight zone, you would be able to feel if you are progressing. 


University: Umeå Institute of Design

Duration: 24 hours, fall 2017

Team: Ivan Kunjasic, Selvi Olgac & Carolyn Wegner


What if you could translate your weight into a feeling?




Brainstorming & storyboards

To explore different ways of how to weigh yourself, we did brainstorming on cardboards were we used sketches and keywords to communicate our ideas. Afterwords we created scenarios of how these ideas would work for the user and how to improve the experiences. When we picked our final concept, we drew out a storyboard and planned how to film the experience. 


My role

I was involved in the whole process, from brainstorming to execution, during this short project.


Learning outcome

It was very instructive to be able to work on a conceptual level with focus on the experience and producing a result within such a short time span.